Pearls of *Construction* Wisdom

Lessons I learned from the first *real* day doing work…

  1. The first thing you need when you start any project is a workbench.  And sawhorses.
  2. Said workbench is a “non-essential” at this juncture, but it’s fun learning how to use the new circular saw and power screwdriver.
  3. Using power tools is kind of fun and when you see the finished product, you really do kind of feel like a bad ass.
  4. Plywood is frickin’ expensive.  Seriously, it’s highway robbery.
  5. If you wear your diamond stud earrings and cucumber body-spray, it is possible to feel a little like a girl in work clothes.
  6. Wallowing in the dirt covered in sweat and sawdust, however, quickly makes you forget you even put on earrings.
  7. Metal flashing doesn’t look intimidating, but it is SHARP and the slightest wrong touch will slice your thumb open and get blood on your shirt.
  8. No matter how much you like a t-shirt, if it is white, don’t wear it on construction projects.
  9. Also, don’t forget the Aleve at home.
  10. Bring snacks.  Lots of snacks.
  11. Wear sunscreen.  Farmer’s tans on one arm aren’t cute.
  12. Eventually you will get dirty.  Embrace it.
  13. Drilling through metal is a workout.
  14. Read.  The.  Manuals.
  15. The extra Liquid Nails adhesive on your hands seals up cuts nicely.

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