How Much Does This Thing Cost…?

I’ve gotten a few questions about what I’m planning to spend on this Tiny House.   Because I stare at spreadsheets all day as my job, this part was easy!  I have everything listed out by line item.  Below is the summary of what I’m planning to spend per area of the house.

The Structure section includes the materials, trailer, etc.  It also includes the solar panels, electric breaker, and plumbing stuff.  That’s why it’s so high.

Unfortunately, I was so focused on the materials, that I didn’t put a line in for actual tools to put the materials together.  Hence the Contingency and why that is already in use…

Totals Budget Actual
Total House $   26,536.75 $       7,292.23
Structure $   17,180.89 $       6,552.72
Kitchen $     2,189.53 $                   –
Bathroom $     2,062.50 $           210.93
Fixtures $     1,773.78 $                   –
Deck $         330.05 $                   –
Contingency $     3,000.00 $           528.58

This is what I’ve spent so far:

Trailer/Delivery/Jacks: $   5,723.47
Tools: $       595.07
Workshop/Videos/Manuals/Books: $       618.20
Materials for Subfloor: $       402.54

Materials are actually pretty cheap when you get right down to it.  I did spend a lot on the trailer itself; I wanted to make sure  my foundation was solid.  There were several options of used trailers on Craigslist, but I decided it was better to go with a trailer that was built for tiny houses, and is all ready to start construction.

I bought the trailer from Carson trailers in So Cal:

I’m thinking I’ll hire someone to frame the house…after two weekends of drilling, taping, and cutting, I feel like I’ve got arthritis in my hands.  It’s worth it to me to let someone else do this part!  Also, I know I’ll have to hire an Electrician.  In order to get insurance, I have to have a licensed electrician sign off on all the installation and connections in the wiring.  That means:  the cost for those people will have to come out of the Contingency.

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