The Subfloor Chronicles…Part Tres

Friday was a busy day in Tiny House Land.  I started the morning by going back over the insulation with expanding spray foam (for windows and doors…don’t want TOO much expansion after all).  The foam did it’s job.  I mean it really expanded.  So I did the only logical thing:  I scraped off the excess.  Aaaaaand this is what happened with that…

DSC00575[1]This stuff expands and then hardens as it dries, sealing the edges in case the tape cracks, creating another barrier to the evils of moisture.  I was afraid it would get all bumpy and wouldn’t allow the wood to sit flush with the rails.


Thankfully, I figured out that it kind of squishes down when it’s not completely dry, but not sticky anymore.  That was helpful.  What a mess.  I’m still finding traces of the foam stuff on my arms and hands.

I spent the rest of the morning cutting OSB to fit together on top of the deck.   The floor is 4’x8′ 3/4″ tongue and groove OSB which stands for “too heavy to move yourself.”   I started out with 6 pieces and realized with the cuts I was making, I’d need 2 more.  So back to Lowe’s I went.


After struggling with trying to lift one end at a time on to the trailer for cutting, sliding it around and basically ripping up the foil on top of my insulation, I decided I’d cut on the ground.  The final decision was made shortly after one piece slid off and nailed me squarely in the shins.  

I remembered after starting to measure with my good ‘ole pencil and straight edge (read: scrap 2×4), that I owned a snap chalk thing!  S.T.O.K.E.D.  There were no instructions as to how to use it, but how hard could it be, right?  Then this happens…..DSC00577[1]


Pretty sure I put too much in, but oh well.  It did what I wanted which was give me a straight line.

Then long about 5pm, reinforcements arrived!  Happiest.  Day.  Ever.


We started by gluing 3″ wide foam tape on top of the metal as a moisture barrier. When metal heats and cools, it sweats. I don’t want any of that to seep up into the floor, so foam tape it is!  I didn’t have enough for the entire frame, just the middle of the floor, but I think it’ll be fine.DSC00583[1]

Then we used Subfloor glue in a calking gun to glue the OSB down on the trailer. No, glue isn’t the only thing holding the floor down. We also drilled holes for 1.5″ metal screws that went through the wood and in to the trailer.


The first piece down! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Then more people came too… in all I think we had 7 people there.



DSC00596[1] Lining up the boards perfectly took some finesse….with the back of an axe.


I don’t know if you can see this carnage.  We broke drill bits…or whatever these are.  Screwdriver bits maybe?  At any rate I think 5 of them are no longer with us.  Drilling in to metal is serious business.DSC00591[1]


Congratulations, it’s a Subfloor.


We didn’t get all the screws in; some of them would NOT cooperate.  I’m going to try drilling the pilot hole a tad bigger and see what that does.  Hopefully, it will be completely secure by next Saturday.

IHAVEAFLOORIHAVEAFLOORIHAVEAFLOOR!!!!!  And it only took a few hours and 4 trips to Lowe’s.

It’s exciting, but I was just so tired afterwards…and not the “I think I’ll take a quick nap” tired.  It was the kind of tired where you want to sit down in the middle of the floor and cry like a 3 year old whose grandma just told them that they don’t have time to get on the riding lawnmowers because they have to go home and make lunch for grandpa so they lose their ability to cope and throw a fit in the middle of Sears.  That tired.

So as a reward (and much-needed break) to myself for enduring the dirt and grit, I took yesterday off and went down to see a friend and her family.  Her Hubs was kind enough to watch the baby while we went out and got pedicures.  It was bliss.


Sometimes you just need a day off from powertools to hang out with dear friends and do something girly.  We stayed up until 12:30 telling stories and laughing until our faces hurt.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

Now next weekend when I’m covered in sweat and sawdust I’ll think to myself, “At least my toes are bright pink.  That’s awesome.”

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