I have my designs on this…

By far, my favorite part of the building process is the design.  Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to find lots of pictures I like!  I’ve attached the ideas I like so far…

What I’m thinking for the exterior:  blue metal roof, red door (obviously), and siding stained in several different colors.

wood stainroofdoor

Interior color pallette:

paint 3I love stormy weather…greys and blues with some worn wood mixed in.  Maybe if I’m feeling sassy, a few pops of green or red.

decor 2Bamboo floors in a distressed wood.


Lighting I want to be kind of industrial looking.  Something like this:

lighting 3 lighting 1 I like the idea of making my own light fixtures….but we’ll see

kitchen 1lighting 5

lighting 4

Galvanized pipe bookcases, ladders, and storage spaces…

bookcase 1 fixtures 1

Lots of texture, cool and neutral colors!  Built-in storage, big clocks, metal fixtures, candles, greenery…Even a possible nod to the Brits… living storagedecor 1decor 4decor 3

I think I’ve FINALLY decided on the bathroom…I’m going with a corner shower that has a 1/2 wall as opposed to a completely enclosed stall.  bathroom 5 bathroom 6That way it still feels a little more open. I’m really not sure about what tile though (I’m liking the pebble look for the floor).

bathroom 2bathroom 1

Last Friday long about my 3rd trip to Lowe’s, I got lost in the tile section.  Not as in, “oh no, how do I get out,” but more “Alice in Wonderland” type lost.  I completely lost track of time and it was a blast!  All I know for sure is that I want the tile floor that looks like wood grain….bathroom 4 And I’ll have a sliding barn door on the bathroom.

For the Kitchen….oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, exposed shelving, roll-out cabinets, tin wall panels, wood countertops…

kitchen 5 kitchen 6faucet

kitchen 2kitchen 3kitchen 4kitchen 7

One thought on “I have my designs on this…

  1. You see, this is why I don’t do pinterest. I am right with you on the floor tile! The barn door is perfect. Your color palette is beautiful and of course…a red door! I can see why you are so excited! Projects like this are so consuming….in a good way!

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