Bookcase = Retractable Spiral Staircase

It’s amazing to me how this little project has become a real life illustration of how hard it is for me to say those three little words:

I need help.”

Well, here it is folks – HELP!

All my engineer-type friends who are handy and like powertools and figuring stuff out, I have a puzzle for you.  It involves the stairs up to one of the lofts.

Most everyone in Tiny House Land will go the route of “ladder” when it comes to loft access.  I appreciate the straightforwardness of it all, but I want to be creative!  I want to build that thing that makes you go, “What kind of wizardry is this?!”  with lots of “shock and awe” involved.

So I had an idea.  I want to somehow create a bookcase and drawers that opens up into a spiral staircase.

Is it possible?  I have NO idea.  That’s where you guys come in!  I need your expertise.  How can this be done?  Seeing as how I don’t own any fancy-dancy computer program that will draw for me, I had to break out the old pen and paper.

This is how I see it when fully retracted:

Bookcase Stairs_full spiral 1Then when I want to get up to the loft, the bottom drawer pivots 180 degrees and the rest cascade up from there:

Bookcase Stairs_full spiral 2

Any ideas?  Aaaaaaaand GO!

3 thoughts on “Bookcase = Retractable Spiral Staircase

  1. Noel, how about each shelf is a box that could be hinged to suit you needs, I can see what you are trying to do and it is a great idea Im thinking door hinges then a positive stop so they wont move when using them


  2. You also want to think about the stability of the self. It won’t be able to hold weight one just an industrial strength hinge. You may want to add on pole supports to the outer side of each “step-shelf” that can move on the floor as needed. You could slide the supports on the floor by either putting in a track and some wheels, or you could try slider pads if you’ll be on carpet. For the slider pads, should you have a wood floor, you would need to wax the “track” area, and maybe think about staining an outline for the track, as a reminder to keep the area free of other objects and to maintain the wax layer.


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