Tiny House Framing – The Day My Drawings Came to Life

Lest you think I’ve forgotten about posting, misplaced my camera, or have given up altogether, here is whats been happening with the tiny house…

After the subfloor, I  had the idea that it might be wise to let someone who knows what they’re doing build the bones of the house.  I want a house that is plumb, secure, and isn’t going to crumple in a heap in a good strong wind storm.

So I found a local contractor who was up for the challenge of building a structure that was attached to a moving foundation.  What would have taken me months to finish, he completed in 2 days.  Worth. Every. Penny.  Also his name is Jesse Schenkerberg in case anyone in the central valley is looking for a great contractor!


DSC00646Outside kitchen/master loft end…DSC00650

Outside bathroom/guest loft end…


Inside looking toward the kitchen and master loft…


Inside looking toward the bathroom/guest loft…


YOU GUYS.  It is the coolest thing seeing drawings come to life!  IT ACTUALLY WORKED!  And it’s all symmetrical and everything!

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