This Worksite Has Been Injury-Free for -0- Days

The day started so well.  With all the framing and sheathing done, I was excited to get up early on my day off to start attaching radiant barrier and house wrap.

Monday, 7am:  The roof was first…

DSC00654And no, I didn’t fall off the roof.

DSC00656Beautiful view, but I just wanted to be DONE with this part.

DSC00655 DSC00657I was all excited because I thought I was doing the right thing:  I cut lengths of radiant barrier, laid them all out and stapled them with my handy tacker (this is really just a glorified stapler, but it’s still cool).

Then my contractor showed up and it turns out I was going backwards…water barrier has to go down first, THEN radiant barrier…and he still had to finish nailing down the roof.  So guess who had to take it all apart and gets to climb on to the roof to do it all over again?

Good times.

DSC00658The guys were so thoughtful, they decided to level the trailer for me with a really cool digital thing.  It looked like a surveyor’s scope and standing 25-30 feet away, you could read the tape measure to the 16th of an inch.  Pretty legit.

DSC006598:15am:  Breakfast break.

10:30am:  Back to work.  Radiant barrier was attached to all walls via stapler.

DSC00663 DSC00660 DSC00661 DSC00664 DSC00665It took several hours mostly because I had to wait for the sun to move in some places.  Also, hanging it straight by yourself on a 13 foot ladder isn’t as easy as it looks.

DSC00662Oh yeah, the Z-bar (flashing stuff) I got for the bottom edge of the wall?  Oh, it was the wrong thing.  So I had to take it all off leaving a sticky adhesive residue that I get to scrape off.  Awesome.  It’s all cut to size so I can’t return it to Home Depot, but I’m still keeping it.  Maybe I can find another use for it…?

4:30pm:  Time for house wrap.  Tyvek is like expensive, high-tech wrapping paper.  It lets moisture out, but doesn’t let it in.

DSC00667 DSC00666Thankfully, a friend came over to help with this part.  She held the 9 foot roll of wrap while I climbed the ladder and stapled the higher end.  But this is as far as I got.

Do you see that extension ladder?  The 13-foot one?  Rounding one of the corners of the house, the ladder got caught on something.  I still don’t know what.  Then it started to slide….toward my friend’s head.  My reflex was to grab the ladder and stop it…or at least try to redirect it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the arm strength to do either.  I was able to swing it out of the way of an impending head injury, but the force of the twisting motion jacked up my back instead.

6pm:  Made it home.  Dinner = Chips and Salsa.  Dessert = Aleve.

7pm:  Searing hot bath.  Make pallet on the floor.

7:30pm:  Get up to take sleeping pill.

10:30pm:  Move to bed because cat keeps licking my toes.

Tuesday:  Movies on the floor.  Also more chips and salsa.  And Aleve.

Now my back is wrapped and I’m on a steady diet of anti-inflammatories.  I’ve been forbidden from working on the house until Friday, but I am allowed to do *light* yoga.  Also, I can’t get a massage or adjustment until Friday when the swelling goes down.  At that point, I have to start doing core/back strengthening exercises.

I can move a little better than yesterday, but it still kind of feels like I was in a car accident.

The moral of the story:  Make Good Choices.

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