Time for Roof Installation! Just kidding…I ordered the wrong thing.

Last weekend I had my “to-do list” all mapped out:  pick up siding and trim from lumber yard, go get roof from Home Depot, install roof underlayment and radiant barrier, install drip edge on roof, start staining the siding and trim.

Funny how things rarely go as I plan them… what’s the saying?  Something about the best laid plans?


I left the house bright and early (7am) to go get the truck and then off to Uhaul for the trailer.  Every weekend I have something to do on the house I get so excited I can’t sleep…kind of like the day before I leave for a trip or the night before Christmas.  I don’t even set an alarm; I wake up at 5:30 and then because it’s Saturday I stay in bed until 6 on matter of principle.

DSC00668By 8:30 I was ready to unload!  The trim is 1×4 rough cut Western Red Cedar.  That’s the kind that grows in the Pacific NW and smells really cedar-y.  The siding is 1×6 smooth cut Incense Cedar…that grows in California.  You learn all kinds of useful things when you ask lots of questions at a lumber yard.

DSC00671This is the unloaded version:  covered in case it rains.  Or in case one of the dogs decides to pee on it.  The dogs have already peed on my Peppermint Hot Chocolate and took my pumpkin muffin…that was in a plastic ziploc inside a box…when my back was turned.  We’re not super good friends right now.

Next on the list was the roof underlayment.  I had planned on the sticky version of the Grace Ice and Water Shield.  You peel the back off, lay it in place (carefully…don’t want it sticking to anyplace painful), and press it down.  Easy, right?  You can imagine my disappointment when I opened the neatly packaged UPS delivery to find the underlayment was NOT sticky on one side.


So instead of waterproofing the roof before it rained, I had to pack it up the non-sticky underlayment and take it back to Home Depot.  *sigh*

Welp, time to bust out the wood stain!  NOW we’re getting to the part of the construction process I love…the creative part!

DSC00672Seriously, I couldn’t stop smiling as I sprayed down the trim with Espresso, semi-transparent wood stain and sealer.

DSC00680Trim drying…

DSC00684I wanted the exterior to be like something I’ve never seen before.  So I picked out 4 semi-transparent stains that are very close shades.  I wanted semi-transparent so you get a hint of color and you can also see the wood grain.  The effect will be that the siding looks weathered and cool.

DSC00674DSC00679From the top stick:  Polar Blue, Black Oak, Espresso, Cinder

The Cinder color is actually a dark blue-grey…almost black.  Think charred wood.  But it doesn’t look like that in the can!  I almost had a heart attack when I opened the lid and found a color that looked Navy.

The Polar Blue is more muted than the stick.  The plan is to mix a handful of the blue boards in to the siding for a little added interest 🙂  I think it will go well with the blue roof and red door…

DSC00685Process:  spray board, quickly wipe off excess, and make sure all grooves get stained…

DSC00687DSC00681From left to right:  Espresso, Black Oak, Polar Blue (more muted in real life), Cinder, and another EspressoDSC00682No two boards are the same; some are smooth with knots, others missed the smoothing process and came out with rough spots.  Other boards have a lot of red cedar streaks while some are almost white.  The rough boards take more stain, so they’re more color-saturated.  It’s gonna look amazing when it’s done!

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