Tiny House Downsizing: The Bookcase

Purge:  to physically remove (something) completely.

As with everything tiny house related, this has been and still is a process for me.  Last week I started going through my bookcase.  Usually when I’m getting ready to donate stuff, I ask myself, “What should I get rid of?”  But THIS time around, I’m asking, “What do I want to keep?”

There is a slight difference.


So as I took my books out of the bookcase, I left only those that I knew I wanted…and some I can’t seem to let go….like the antique, hardback Carmen score that a shopkeeper gave me in Sacramento when I was on tour with my college ensemble.  I….just….can’t.   Yet.


The other part of the bookcase had the CDs.  Oh the CDs.  I found a whole other box in the garage that I forgot about.  What you see in this picture is maybe 25%.  I’m in the process of burning them all to my iTunes so I can get rid of the actual CD and case.  When I left this morning there were CDs everywhere.  Everywhere. 

The good news is that I’m almost done…I think I have less than 10 left to copy.  The plan is to load them all in a box and donate them.

Oh yes, donating.  That’s what I’ve decided to do with all the stuff I’m getting rid of.  Furniture and all.   Saturday I loaded up my car with random art work, picture frames, 3 boxes of books (not even all of the ones you see above), a weird half chair thing I’ve had since I don’t remember when,  iron candle holders, glass votives, a microwave, sheets, and probably other stuff I don’t remember at the moment.

The local charity is called Lodi House…an organization that benefits homeless women and children.   I hope they will be as blessed by this stuff as I was!

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