Tiny House Siding: IT’S DONE!

During the Christmas break, my mom and sister came to visit.


Mom supervised (and took pictures) while me and sister climbed ladders in freezing cold weather to finish up the last 2 1/2 lines of siding.  I haven’t had this much fun since 3rd grade!


Also, I got Carhart pants for Christmas…they’re pretty legit 🙂


You can tell we’re related….we hunker the same.


April nailed the boards like a champ…I caulked the windows like a kindergartener.  See ^?  That will have to come off…it’s still bugging me and you can’t even see it from the ground…



Tiny House Siding: So close…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on finishing up the siding.  The goal was to get it ALL done before it rained, but as most everything with this project, it is going a lot slower than I expected.  Where it stands right now, I’m 2 1/2 rows of siding from being done.  Also, it started raining a few days ago.


Going around this fender was MUCH easier than the other side.  I’m glad too because that’s the one you’ll see the most 🙂


The one side that is officially all done ^

This little booger took almost 3 hours to figure out…I ended up making a protractor out of a screw and dental floss!  Yay MATH!  I think the porch light will cover the bobbles nicely 🙂




Oh the siding is just so close…


Next up…I get to go back over the siding and fill in holes and gaps, and caulk the edges.  Then it’s on to the INTERIOR!