Tiny House Siding: IT’S DONE!

During the Christmas break, my mom and sister came to visit.


Mom supervised (and took pictures) while me and sister climbed ladders in freezing cold weather to finish up the last 2 1/2 lines of siding.  I haven’t had this much fun since 3rd grade!


Also, I got Carhart pants for Christmas…they’re pretty legit 🙂


You can tell we’re related….we hunker the same.


April nailed the boards like a champ…I caulked the windows like a kindergartener.  See ^?  That will have to come off…it’s still bugging me and you can’t even see it from the ground…



3 thoughts on “Tiny House Siding: IT’S DONE!

  1. Looking good, Noel! Won’t be too much longer now–all inside work, that is a blessing with the cool weather. We have had rain, sleet, snow and flooding in Oklahoma. No flooding around me, but lots in other parts of the state. I had a great Christmas with Gary and family. Hope to read that you are settled in your new tiny house before long. I really am enjoying reading your comments. Good to see your Mom also. Love to you, Sandy


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