Tiny House – Plumbing in the Rough

Welp, the pipes are in!  THE PIPES ARE IN!  We are one step closer to sealing up the walls, kids.

Who is the amazing plumber, you ask?  Not me.  I just ordered the pipe rolls on Amazon.  My plumber  – is Jeremy Koyama.  A superhero in the pipe world…or at least he should be!

With my newly-purchased pile of pipes, fittings, faucets, and water heater, I said, “here you go,” and he said those few words that (turns out) I LOVE to hear:  “Cool.  I’ll take care of it.”

And he did!

The starting pile…


This is where water comes in to the structure (on the left), breaks off to the water heater, and continues on to the bathroom sink…


Bathroom pipes, no fittings…DSC01045


…with fittings…DSC01065


pipes running up the wall from the bathroom and through the ceiling…



…and to the kitchen!DSC01046DSC01066


Kitchen sink, drain, and propane pipeDSC01067




Water inlet valve on the outside of the bathroom wall…DSC01063


…next to the installed water heater!DSC01072


Leftover pipes…DSC01068

When the walls are in then we’ll have to finish out the plumbing with all the fixtures and I’m sure other things.  YAY!

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