Tiny House: Interior Walls

Today, I started putting up the interior walls.  I would explain how excited I am in super flowery words but everything is sore.  Literally.  My back feels like burning and I can’t make a fist.  Probably because I worked 7 hours lifting sheets of plywood over my head and gripping powertools and whatnot.

If I could grip a marker, I’d probably look like this:


There was a lot of that today…gripping little things.  And heavy things.  Navigating awkward sizes of plywood while pushing them against the wall with my shoulder, holding the screwdriver in one hand and the screw in the other and all while trying to not fall off the ladder.

It was an eventful day 🙂

Along with the pencils, rulers, and chalk (a la art class), there was a surprising amount of math class thrown in.  Goodness.  “Math” and I have a tenuous relationship:  sometimes its fun like a game and other times I want to stick my finger in my eye and swirl it around in my head.

Today was a whole new level of math.  It’s hard thinking in 1/4 and 1/8 inches and figuring out the placement of a light switch in the middle of a 4×8 sheet of wood.  That’s probably why my brain hurts too.

Anywhoo, I got about 1/2 the walls up…yay me!


I’m trying to take my time and plan the seams.  After the walls are up, I”ll go back over the seams with spackle or something brilliant so you really can’t see them.  So far, most of them will be covered up by window trim!