Tiny House – Cabinets and Doors

Saturday. 7am. Prime working hours, especially when the forecast is up near 100 degrees.

Per my electrician, I needed to get a cabinet built around all the solar equipment ASAP. For a few months now I’ve had the inverter, batteries, and switch things all sitting on a platform and covered with a tarp. It’s waterproof and out of direct sunlight so it’s not high on the priority list.

But it’s been long enough. Time to put the sides on…



Thankfully, I had quite a bit of left over plywood so I cut up scraps to make the walls.


Then finished with leftover siding…the roof isn’t totally done yet, but it’s vented (important when you have batteries involved) and sturdy! AND this only took me 1.5 hours. I think because it’s so small, but I’ll take it 🙂


The solar panels were next. They’ve been hiding in a shed for a while…


I designed the frame to tilt up and allow for the panels to be bolted to it. Unfortunately my pre-drilled holes didn’t really match up, so I had to re-drill them. Also, spiders love to hide in the pre-drilled holes and it’s gross when they squish.


Eventually, I’ll have supports that bolt to the frame as opposed to an extra piece of trim I had laying around…


Then the barn door. Because I decided to bolt a pipe ladder to it, I thought maybe I needed more than one-board thickness. So I attached another layer of boards to the back of what you see. The result is this thing is stinking heavy. The track took a little finagling to get it level and then it was a workout getting the thing bolted in all the way. BUT IT’S LEVEL!


And it opens! Although the planks are a tad off-square so I’m still deciding if it bugs me enough to take it down and fix it.


Oh yeah, and the front door hardware is finished. AND it closes. At first it didn’t and I had to chisel the opening for the dead bolt and the latch.


Then it was on to finishing out the bathroom vanity. So far the day had gone great so I had no reason to believe this would be any different. I put the sides in. I even trimmed it out. It looked pretty neat if I do say so myself.


When I went to put in the drawer (that took me almost an hour to make), the opening was 1/4″ too small.

At this point I’d worked for 9 hours, it was 99 degrees, and I was over it.


The next day I came back to try to fix the 1/4″ nonsense. When I moved the boards, this happened…


If you ever think that painting wood with drywall primer will give you a super smooth finish once you paint over the top with latex, tell yourself to go get a snack and rethink your life.

It doesn’t. The result will be a flaking, dented mess that you will have to touch up before your project is even done.

Once the opening was the right size (super helpful), I had to install the drawer slides.


I don’t know a fancy way of doing this…I just measured up from the bottom of the vanity to the height where I wanted the runner to be. And I’m happy to report, it worked!


Both drawers open nicely and are level!


Now I just need to attach the front panels, the pulls, the top, and the sink 🙂


And I’m not convinced on the purple, so that might change too…

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