I bought tools. It’s a miracle! Did you know that there are about 30 different circular saws at Lowe’s? 30. I almost cried.

My uncle took me to Lowe’s and was walking me through the power tool section, explaining the different things and why I might need them. Then we rounded the corner and there was the display of a gajillion saws. Or 30, whatever. All I wanted was A saw. Just one. I couldn’t care less how big it is or if it has a cord or a battery or is one name or the other or how many teeth are on the blade. I even asked my uncle if there was just an “all purpose” saw (the answer is no). Then it dawned on me: this is like shoe shopping. When I go in to a shoe store and see a wall of shoes in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics, I get excited. I know exactly how and where I could wear each one. But when a guy goes shoe shopping, he has about the same reaction as I did with the saws at Lowe’s: overwhelmed.

Thank goodness I know people. And in a pinch all the retired guys who roam the aisles at Lowe’s are SUPER helpful! A simple question gets you a dissertation on extension cords. It’s pretty cool.

So here it is: the start to my tool collection. What’s the saying? Organization can save your life? At any rate, it’s really easy to see what I have!

Tools for a Tiny House
Tools and such

I went with the DeWalt 20 volt cordless drill and 7 ¼ inch circular saw. The saw also does some mitering, which will come in handy maybe. So what if I’ve never used a saw? How hard could it be?

There’s a lot of stuff in the tool box that I needed that you can’t see: speed square (for measuring 90 degree angles and I’m sure other things), a level (because I don’t want to live in the Mad Hatter’s house), other measuring tapes, a hammer, ear protection, goggles, gloves, pencils, a hole punch, saw blades, screws, nuts, and that’s all I can remember sitting at my desk.

The liquid nails (heavy duty exterior) is for more attachment points for the flashing (I’ll be gluing the flashing to the trailer between the screws…more on that later), and the interior is for gluing the studs before I screw them together (that comes later too).

Instead of buying saw horses (because apparently I need an elevated work space…this was a later addition to my construction budget…I’ll post those details later), I went the cheap route and bought the saw horse brackets so I can make my own saw horse with 2x4s (it’s about a $10 difference).

This weekend I’ll be working on attaching the flashing on the underside of the trailer for the subfloor.