Tiny House Downsizing: Where did I get so much stuff?

“Stuff” is a funny thing.  It’s useful.  It’s pretty.  Sometimes it’s both.

I think I’ve mentioned before how my house is decorated *exactly* how I always wanted.  It definitely falls into the “both” category of function and beauty.  Now I find myself at the point of getting rid of said stuff.

It’s weird.

As of today, I’ve made 3 donation trips with a FULL car.  Clothes, skis, random metal art you’re supposed to put on the wall (I think), books, movies, and various kitchen spoons and whatnot.  Where in the WORLD did I get all this stuff?!  Some of it has certainly been more difficult to part with, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Don’t think, just pack.  Don’t think, just drive.  Don’t think, just hand it to the nice lady.

Lest you think I have tiny house cold feet,  I am actually totally stoked about moving in to my little house and only using stuff I actually need and not carting around a load of crap everywhere I go. Today, however, I found myself hesitating.

It all started when I decided to rip off the proverbial band-aid and sell all the big stuff.

“But I LIKE that dresser!  I refinished it all by myself and it looks cool!”


“That was the first couch I ever bought…”

DSC00829 - Copy

“…and I’m pretty sure I can get that table to fit in the tiny house….right?”

Yes, all of these conversations I’ve had with myself over the past several months.   And especially today.

It has officially been online for 7 hours and I’ve sold my couch, dresser, dining table and chairs, mirror, coffee table and side table.  Maybe even the TV stand.

That was fast.  Thankfully, it wasn’t the type of band-aid that breaks or gets stuck in your arm hair.

Tiny House Downsizing: The Bookcase

Purge:  to physically remove (something) completely.

As with everything tiny house related, this has been and still is a process for me.  Last week I started going through my bookcase.  Usually when I’m getting ready to donate stuff, I ask myself, “What should I get rid of?”  But THIS time around, I’m asking, “What do I want to keep?”

There is a slight difference.


So as I took my books out of the bookcase, I left only those that I knew I wanted…and some I can’t seem to let go….like the antique, hardback Carmen score that a shopkeeper gave me in Sacramento when I was on tour with my college ensemble.  I….just….can’t.   Yet.


The other part of the bookcase had the CDs.  Oh the CDs.  I found a whole other box in the garage that I forgot about.  What you see in this picture is maybe 25%.  I’m in the process of burning them all to my iTunes so I can get rid of the actual CD and case.  When I left this morning there were CDs everywhere.  Everywhere. 

The good news is that I’m almost done…I think I have less than 10 left to copy.  The plan is to load them all in a box and donate them.

Oh yes, donating.  That’s what I’ve decided to do with all the stuff I’m getting rid of.  Furniture and all.   Saturday I loaded up my car with random art work, picture frames, 3 boxes of books (not even all of the ones you see above), a weird half chair thing I’ve had since I don’t remember when,  iron candle holders, glass votives, a microwave, sheets, and probably other stuff I don’t remember at the moment.

The local charity is called Lodi House…an organization that benefits homeless women and children.   I hope they will be as blessed by this stuff as I was!